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Visual Web Development with Artisteer Pt3

Finally the new WordPress (WP) version of my online portfolio is up and running! Why did it take so long? My bad. Let me explain. I did not recheck the issue with the Plesk panel install of WP before attempting to do the manual WP install. The manual install resulted in a PHP error due to my oversight. The Plesk folks fixed the WP install problem so it made separate DBs for each install in the same Webspace.

Once I did a test WP install verifying the portfolio had its own DB, the rest was a snap and only took an hour to fully ramp up the new site! My error also illustrates the consequences of working at lower levels in software and website development. By seeking to deal with the WP install manually, I got stuck in the weeds of the system setup process. 

Again, my normal workflow is as follows:

  • Analyze at the lowest level abstraction. What scientists call an Inductive approach
  • Develop using tools at the highest level of abstraction, in this case a Visual approach

More details for reference

Taking a deeper dive into the older version of my online portfolio, which as not longer online, I saw a few errors.

  1. My pic is missing
  2. There is a phantom search box on the front page.
  3. Front page screen shots are also missing

Seems like my fiddling with the HTML may have created the display issues. While I could have matched the HTML code to the original after I fiddled, deciding to use the WP CMS made that point moot. Winking smile

At the HTML level there was another issue to note. Artisteer built each page with the same header info, meaning that all pages had the same header with the page menu in place. With this construction, any new pages would require edits to ALL pages for consistency. This likely occurred due to trends in web design which have moved away from frames that were used in the past for headers, sidebars and footers. That said, having multiple pages with the duplicate headers is not an efficient way to manage the browser display. Had I chosen to use internal jquery “subpages” in my design this issue would not have occurred. However, my selection of adding additional HTML pages instead made the switch to the WP template format a snap.

Courtesy of the WP community the new version has:

  1. A contact form plugin
  2. Anti spam protection
  3. Site stats
  4. HTML5 based mp3 player for audio (not yet in use)
  5. Easy content editing
  6. WP Backup to Dropbox
  7. Any new WP enhancements that promise to improve the site

I am thinking about starting some Google handouts about my visual web design concepts. Please tweet me @ermphd if you have interest in this topic.




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