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My Tablet Transition Pt3

NookColor + Android SD Vs Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is now shipping and B&N has announced a Nook Tablet version but my preference is still  NookColor. Why? Simply stated, more value for the dollars spent. NookColor (specs) has more RAM, more storage and a faster processor than Kindle Fire (specs). As an added incentive B&N just lowered the NookColor price to $199 (same as Kindle Fire), Add the CyanogenMod 7 SD card to a standard NC and you have the best of both worlds.NookColorNP

Since the Pt2 post I have discovered several drawing applications that work on the NC in SD mode, Skitch by the EverNote folks and Sketchbook by Autodesk from Android market. While Skitch is a bit limited but seems useful for tagging photos and adding some callouts, Sketchbook is a very powerful drawing app that I am just beginning to learn. So, it does seem that I will now use my NC for some image work after all. For entertainment earlier tonight I watched two episodes of Caprica via Netfliks in SD mode with good streaming quality on my WiFi

Even cooler is the fact that there is a slick boot menu that comes with the SD card so I can still boot the NC in the B&N mode. Below are photos of both NC  modes along with the boot menu.

NookB&N NookSD NookBoot

Standard NC                   NC w Cyanogen SD           Dual Book Menu

Yesterday, I did just that and went to B&N store to download some magazine issues and cancel a subscription to a newspaper that had served its research purpose. After going back to the B&N reader mode, I realized that the Nook App on the SD worked a bit better and re-booted to full Android. Very cool! I also updated the Kindle App on the SD and now that reading experience is much better.

Recap, now the NC works in both B&N and SD modes giving me access to both B&N and Android markets. Having both ePub and Kindle reading capability is a very nice treat. At this point Kindle Fire does not read ePub formatted eBooks. Other apps for creating content with the touch screen are more powerful than expected. Too bad the new Adobe touch apps require Android 3.0 + larger screen with more resolution. Still for what started out as a reader plus is now a fully functional and still inexpensive Android tablet.

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