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eCourse Launch Day

While still a work in progress, I am launching my eCourse Disc Golf for Boomers later today 1/21/14 with the ePub and 6 HTML 5 layouts for the following device types:

eCourse Development: Key issues resolved

My 1st eCourse is continuing to come together nicely. I have resolved an issue with the audio notes and discovered another benefit of the multiple formats. Currently, I have several formats online @ my server which I will share soonest.… Continue reading

eCourse Progress Report: Fun stuff soon come!

My Disc Golf for Boomers eCourse is coming together quite well. I will be sending a few Adobe and other TechComm friends a private link for Alpha reviews. If the next TCS release comes out in good shape, I expect… Continue reading

Enter the eCourse (via Adobe TCS4)

Continuing the thread from my last post, I am currently using Adobe TCS 4 to build am eCourse that I will be able to publish in a wide variety of formats. Currently, I am testing 10 different formats in order… Continue reading

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