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My Tablet Transition Pt2

Tablets are not FonCs (SmartPhones)!

Working with a reader based tablet device (NookColor.Kindle Fire) is clearly different than working with a FonC (Smartphone) Here are the obvious differences

  1. Does not have phone service or text messaging
  2. No camera(s)
  3. Has larger screen
  4. Many only have WiFi

So what? I keep my phone on almost always except when charging as I expect it and SMS services to be always online. My NookColor,(NC) however seems more system like, so I tend to turn it off when not in use. After installing the Android 2.3 SD card, I’m adapting to the differences between the tablet and my Android FonC.  Since Android devices multitask, best practice is using a task manager App Like (insert link) to conserve battery power. My preferred status of “always-online” for the phone requires constant attention to my Task Killer app. On the NC, I use it after I opened a number of Apps to maximize my battery time.

I carry my pocket sized FonC most places while I keep the NC in my backpack on the road or by my chair at home. Perhaps I’ll get a case for the NC making it a little easier to carry around.

Thinking a bit more about my preferences and work flow styles, I am even more convinced that the NC has made a real difference in the way I process information from online sources. The small FonC screen is fine for tracking my cardio workouts and checking for directions to places and events, but is too small for most text heavy apps. While I do have several apps on both devices, I much prefer EverNote and my news apps from BBC and Pulse on the larger NC screen.  Starting the day with a news review and sending tweets to my followers also works better on the NC with the native Twitter client.

More importantly, as a reader based Tablet, the NC allows highlighting and note making. For an academic type like me, this UI is much closer to how I read a text or non-fiction book, Now Ilook forward to reading and studying again every day with my NC as my primary tool. For me, reading and thinking things though require a more sedate space than I have on my laptop or desktop systems.

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