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eCourse Progress Report: Fun stuff soon come!

My Disc Golf for Boomers eCourse is coming together quite well. I will be sending a few Adobe and other TechComm friends a private link for Alpha reviews. If the next TCS release comes out in good shape, I expect to publish in a large number of online and offline formats sometime in Feb. 2014.

Meanwhile, it seemed s good time for a review of my development process for IDs, TechComm, and interested Educators. Here’s my overview of how I have gotten to this point in the development cycle.

  1. Initial research online saved via Google Bookmarks and Evernote.
  2. Monthly narrative main points also saved to Evernote.
  3. Narrative draft written in MS Word2003 (desktop Word required and FM not selected do to my impatience).
  4. Narrative imported to RH 10. (Several revs needed to get Word headings to map correctly into RH topics.
  5. Additional RH topics writing, editing re-writing, reorganizing, etc. and other development steps:
    1. TOC creation
    2. Indexing
    3. Glossary
    4. Output Testing multiple formats  <= Current position
  6. Up to the server for peer reviews

Presently, I am building short audio clips and fiddling with conditional build tags which allow topics, content and TOC entries to be suppressed via that tricky Boolean logic we all love to hate. In accordance with my design decisions about e/m Learning content, only on Tablets and Desktops. All six of the HTML5 layouts display the correct TOC entries for consuming/or not the appropriate multi-media content. In addition, the SWF friendly layouts also work correctly These prelim results feel like  breakthroughs in several ways.



  1. Project is consistent with my Design Decision #1 regarding device specific content display.
  2. Audio clips via 1 slide CP 6 projects allow for Virtual Instructor (yours truly Winking smile) guidance at important points in the content across all online formats & PDF.
  3. SWF friendly formats: AIRhelp & PDF are interactive but adding to PDFSWF files is manual post production step.
  4. Native app possibility for Smartphones  should allow for “coaching audio” enhancements for Smartphone version.
  5. The ePub and Kindle versions include: Text w Index and Glossary, images and links making it perfect for a freebie or $.99 entry version.



As you can see above the Right image of Audio Note #1 is bordered which is part of the CP skin (added to .SWF at pub time) while the Left is not.


After New Years, there will be some Webinars and Google hangouts designed to teach IDs, Techcomm folks and Edtech types how to build their own eCourses using these very powerful yet affordable tools from Adobe and a few other enlightened vendors. If you have some interest in reviewing this concept there will be a Beta group you can join. Drop me a note on twitter or Linkedin and I’ll add you to the Beta list.

 Happy New Year everyone! 2014 looks most promising for Technical Publishers.

Are you ready to touch your toe to the warming ePublishing waters?

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