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eCourse Development: Key issues resolved

My 1st eCourse is continuing to come together nicely. I have resolved an issue with the audio notes and discovered another benefit of the multiple formats. Currently, I have several formats online @ my server which I will share soonest. For now here are samples of Android Phone and Tablet layouts I took yesterday.

DG4BAndTabHome    DG4BAndTabToc    DG4BAndTabSeach


DG4BAndPhHome    DG4BAndPhToc   DG4BAndPhSeach

To achieve these effects, I had to use Adobe Dreamweaver CC to study the interactions between the mobile.css and HTML5 code As I have explained on several recent posts, my current development strategy is primarily visual. At times however, developers still must get under to hood while building prototypes. All these visually oriented tools from Adobe RoboHelp and Dreamweaver to ArtIsteer and CMS systems such as WordPress all rest on the same foundation of: HTML, CSS, JS, and jQuery/mobile. Therefore the ability read and interpret HTML w CSS and to a lesser extent .JS and jQuery is most helpful in the development of new systems or structures.


Building the new layout theme may be easier in the future, but again have these “under the hood skills” helps save development time and stress. Let me add one note of caution. Digging down a level from the visual space should be done very carefully, sort of digital brain surgery. In order to produce the samples above, I have only tweaked some of the color definitions from the default mobile.css. I may make a few more tweaks to a font color or size, but I intend to leave the rest of the layout as is. As a minimalist, this is consistent with the “less is more” principle.

Color Pallet and Branding Tips

I searched for Android images and found one with some appealing colors.AndroidColorTheme

Then I used Adobe Kuler to create the layout pallet below:


Finally I fiddled with some background textures in my imaging tool until something that was small in Kbytes, but helped to convey the concept of the eCourse. The weave texture seems to me to convey my intent, to create an eCourse with all the content “weaved” together into an coherent experience for uses with different styles and goals.

bg01                    bg01

           Android Phone                            Android Tablet

ePub Insights

After I added some images and fixed some organizational issues, I realized that offering the eCourse in eBook formats has some additional benefits. Learners can begin with the ePub or Kindle with in effect a primer to the full eCourse since the eBook format will be static and lack the interactive elements. If that format suits their goals, e.g. do a survey of DG to see if they want to learn to play or not, no need to get the full interactive eCourse initially. Learners may opt to get the interactive versions if needed at any time.


All learners who start with any of the interactive versions will also get the ePub version FREE. Why? Because in an decent eReader they can highlight, bookmark and make notes turning the ePub in to a companion Study Guide for the full eCourse! RH produces the ePub version in under 10 sec so there is virtually no production cost.


Stay tuned the best will come in the next few days!

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