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eBook formats of eCourse Published

Birthday Present

Last Thursday was my birthday. This year I gave myself a cool present. The eBook formats (Kindle and ePub) of my eCourse Disc Golf for Boomers et. al. are now for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble ( respectively. It would be nice to pretend that the work on this level of the eCourse is complete, but that is not the case. Now the marketing and promotion part begins. With many new authors self publishing these days,

If you build it they will come

works only in the movies if it works at all!

Three Cheers for Adobe TCS5/RoboHelp 11

Aside using the RH Project’s CSS instead of the default,  RH 11 made the Kindle format almost out of the box. I first perfected the styles on the project side and published the ePub for release. The default CSS did not use the <p> correctly failing to put in the expected extra line. Note that RH asks for users to DL some files for ePub and Kindle publishing, but once installed everything works nicely!

Online Publication

The publication steps for both platforms are similar and straightforward but it still took almost a day to work through all of them. Both platforms have similar maximum royalty options with Amazon @ 70% and BH @ 65% with analogous requirements. For Amazon, the retail price must be between $2.99 and $9.99 to obtain the 70%. BN allows the 65% return with a minimum retail of $2.99.

Since this work is about a new concept and will serve as the base for an upsell to the full eCourse when completed, I set both prices @ $2.99. While the good news is a nice royalty percentage in both cases, the bad news is the one does not get paid until 60 days after the sales month closes. So my March sales will get to my Bank via direct deposit in June.

Note in the link table below the last part is the Amazon ASIN, a unique identifier.

Amazon Links


Only one (rather unfriendly) link for this US based distributor. Winking smile

BN is a test for the ePub market which is more fragmented with a number of platforms. I still plan to give away the ePub to friends and colleagues as the Kindle marketplace is where the real $ are, I hope.

All in all the ability to distribute work across a large portion of the world with no upfront costs seems worth the wait and distribution rules imposed by Amazon. Alert: Amazon has a Kindle Select program with more promo options but with a catch. Once you enroll, Amazon becomes the sole distributor allowing no other platforms to electronically deliver it, including my Dropbox. I did not enroll.

1st Results

So far, I have 3 sales on with one very good review, but none on BN which just went live yesterday. For the rest of March, I plan to:

  • Seek more reviews.
  • Begin SM promotion on FB,Twitter etc.
  • Make fliers for local promotion.
  • Develop training materials for this part of the process.

Sample Flyer

Yesterday while shopping, a clerk in the local heath food market asked for the Amazon info. I scrawled a quick note and then went home realizing I needed  some marketing materials for local use. After an hr. or so with the Amazon listing page, I came up with this image. After buyers add more reviews, I’ll use the full listing page and make it into a 1 fold booklet.


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