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GLMS Widget for Reporting

Recently, I learned about a cool widget that uses Google Docs to collect assessment data from quizzes on to spreadsheets and send results to learners and other admins via email. Thus, the widget performs the primary reporting and tracking functions of a typical LMS. The developer,. Jim Leichliter of has done a fine job with clear video setup instructions and both SWF and HTML5 versions. The trial version is a FREE DL and the base price of $80 seems most reasonable.

After a few trials in setup testing, the widget now works for both quizzing and course evaluating. A simple and elegant solution to the reporting issue. Thanks Jim!

More UI Tweaks

The first changes here were removing the Playbar and disabling the TOC view since quiz questions are normally navigated via buttons, but that was just the beginning. I had started with reworking the eCourse Evaluation (eCE) so it would work on Tablets and perhaps Smartphones. For the tablet version, I used the same CP project size as the mLearning 1024 X 576; for the phone, 640 X 480 (iPhone standard).

The eCE worked, sort of, on the my Galaxy Tab 2 7” device, but the my Android phone was a disaster. Design meets reality again, so I scrapped the phone as device for eCE delivery and focused on improving the UI for both the eCE and the Quiz on the Tablet.

When prototyping, I tend to work quickly and test results step by step. This technique comes from my code writing background in another career path, but serves well in training development. Next up was font fiddling to get better viewing on the tablet and easier selections by the learner. Once I got results that looked better on the tablet screen, I went to the CP Object Style Manager and modified the key styles across the project. Next time around, the Mobile styles will be part of the mLearning theme, but again, prototype development is like an artist making a sketch before working on the main work. Here are a few snags of the final results.


As you can see, I enlarged the fonts, buttons, and increased the spacing between items in order to accommodate both viewing and interacting. In tablet land we go from the precision of a mouse pointer to the width of a finger tip. These UI mods work for the Quiz and eCE but there may be more challenges ahead with several additional Google Doc forms needed to complete the eCourse project. Time will tell.


After making the mods in the style manager, it was simple to export them all to a file and then import to the eCE CP project. Since all the eCE items are in the same Likert format here is one example.


 Live link to be added after final testing. erm

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