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eCourse Forms and Marketing Plan

Evernote Form Solution

My initial thought was to use Google Docs for the forms needed to complete the eCourse. However, a little more research yielded a new direction. Google Docs are not very Tablet friendly with difficulty entering data in spreadsheets well documented. Google Doc forms may work for quizzing and course evaluation but CP 7 with the GLMS widget is a more efficient solution for those items.

Evernote (EN) on the other hand offers a more flexible approach so I am building the following forms with it.

  1. DG Practice Record
  2. Disc Use Notes
  3. Behavioral Self-Evaluation
  4. Feedback Comments

The one EN weakness for forms building is a lack of templates. A little digging found a tool called Kustomnote, an EN compatible template builder. More prototyping revealed that this tool was marginal with “too cute” designs that took up a lot of space. For business use the $4/mo. fee also seemed an unnecessary burden to bare.

Some more research led me to a cool tool that allows EN web users to access the background HTML that supports EN, a bookmarklet created by Seb Maynard. As an experienced EN user, I have been frustrated at times with the limits imposed by the EN editor. With Seb’s bookmarklet one simply logs into EN web to build the EN faux templates. If something get confused in the regular EN editor, the fix is easy and simple assuming one has functional HTML skills. Smile

Once a faux template is complete, EN’s export feature allows it to be saved as an .ENEX (xml) file as below.


This feature allows the forms or other EN faux template files to be downloaded and used by all learners taking the eCourse. One cool thing about the export is that the process saves the EN tags for consistency. Another bonus of the DL is that no shared EN notebooks are necessary, saving the learners the need to become EN premium users for $5/mo. or $50/yr.

Since EN is my recommended tool for tracking eCourse and/or general PLE research, this approach to forms follows the KISS method as well. Simpler is better!

Marketing Plan Outline

Now that prototype development is almost complete, marketing comes to the foreground. The eBook formats (Kindle @ Amazon and ePub @ BarnesandNoble) are beginning to sell so I am encouraged that the work is timely. Happily, the Amazon reviews, 4 so far, are all 5 stars! The other day my brother sent me a link from NYT that shows the growing awareness that DG is an up and coming sport with broad appeal.

While the full eCourse is Tablet friendly by design, I have made a new marketing decision. Instead of requiring buyers to specify the formats they want to use at the transaction point, the full eCourse will be available as a subscription such that all buyers will have access to any and all of the numerous formats from the eCourse site. While I have not yet set the subscription price, all eBook buyers will receive full credit against the eCourse price and all eCourse buyers will get either the Kindle or ePub formats as a bonus.

Since Amazon is a prime venue for the eBook version, I will use “Pay by Amazon” to complete the eCourse sales from this site and send the buyers to a new site for all their DL and support needs. The term of the subscription will be until the next revision due sometime in the fall

Next up, time to tackle the CP7 Twitter widget for additional learner engagement, then its time for eCourse Go Live.

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