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eCourse 2nd Gen Webinars Next Up!

Now that my 1st eCourse is ready for distribution, I have been researching Webinar tools for the last month. Most of the Webinars I have attended follow the traditional model used by vendors and content marketers. While this type seems well suited to their objectives, it falls short of mine. I seek more interaction and more engagement. In other words, Webinars that are more like seminar classes than electronic lectures. Why? Because learners get more out of interactive learning than lectures.

Traditional Webinar Characteristics (Adobe Connect/WebEx etc.)

  1. Require Software DL
  2. Good for Content Push
  3. Showcase Features
  4. Often light on Benefits
  5. Limited interaction via short Q/A from Chats

2nd Gen Webinar Characteristics (Clickwebinar/Megameeting)

  1. Fully Web Based No Software DL
  2. Allow Web Cam & 2 Way Audio (bandwidth permitting)
  3. Tools for Engagement including:
    • 2 way Screen sharing for “try it”
    • White boards for brain storming
    • Quizzes and Polls for feedback and assessment

Different Objectives for the Audience

The traditional Webinar seems designed primarily as a sales aid for Vendors and Content Marketers. My desire to use the newer 2nd  Generation Webinar tools comes from my orientation toward process and training. This difference is not a right vs. wrong issue as clearly both Webinar types have their place. Its more a matter of different objectives. I seek to teach Technical Communicators, Educators and Learning Developers the processes I have developed in order to encourage them to get involved with my vision of the next wave in interactive Learning.

I invite you to join me in order to see how both the Adobe TCS5 tools work and to begin your personal learning process with them. Webinar attendees will also receive:

  1. Promo copies for Kindle book format, the static version of the eCourse.
  2. Full subscriptions to the eCourse in all published formats.
  3. A copy of the RHeCourseBuilder (in Adobe AIR format).
  4. 2 hr. coaching via Clickmeetings with me.
  5. 40% off on TCS5 (via Adobe Promotion which ends on 5/31/14).

After some recent testing, I have decided to offer both high and low bandwidth fees for the Webinar. For high bandwidth with 2-way audio/web cam, a wired connection such a cable modem, is required. Low bandwidth will work on 4G and Wi Fi but will not include 2-way audio or web cam. The other interactive features noted above will work on both.

The link for registration is both HERE and on the TCS for SSL page. I hope to see you at one of the sessions this month. The Webinar platform we will use is Clickwebinar Feel free to check it out!


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