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Web 3.0 is Mobile!

As I progress with mobile app development and reflect on @RJacquez mlearning workshop, the reality that the web is morphing to mobile is inescapable. Just today the following three incidents occurred:

  1. An email urging me to contact the marketer for help managing my Mobile Customers 
  2. CNN news noted that and GM is going back to advertise on Facebook.
  3. CNN money reported a biggest drop EVER in PC sales for 2013 Q1 (-13.9%)

While I’ll post more metrics another time, the sheer numbers of new tablets and smartphones (FonC is my neologism) boggles the mind. One example: Apple has sold 100MEG iPads since introduction!

At the same time, it does not seem likely that desktops and laptops will disappear any time soon. Once these systems gain more solid state drives, they could live for decades. That being said, the action is clearly headed toward mobile. Currently we are obsessed with the various screen sizes from 3.5” cell phones to 8.9” tablets, but never fear, when Googleglass hits $500 the screen issue will get a whole new point of view.

In conclusion, I am now focusing my development efforts on native mobile apps and responsive design websites that both use the state of the art tools now in Adobe DW CS6 and Phonegap. For the website design, let’s see what happens when I begin with the smartphone and build the site and multi screen layouts from that “bottom up approach”. I registered the domains last eve and will begin to fiddle with the website after the 1st app prototype is in beta.




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