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Rapid Mobile Development with DW CS6

A Little History

In April 2008 I had my first hands on experience fiddling with the touch interface on a teammates brand new iPhone. My first thought was. “Wow, this is a game changer!” Scarcely 5 years later we are moving rapidly to a fully mobile web experience. For me, recent releases of key development tools mark a new phase in mobile development.

Once upon a time in the mid 90s Microsoft was quite dominant in both PC OS and productivity apps. Bill Gates acquired numerous software houses making Msoft the 800 pound Gorilla in the mix. MAC OS was still weak in connectivity and gradually MSoft Server software advanced in Corporate IT shops.

Then a clever programmer’s work with a new flavor of UNIX he called Linux began to get noticed. The core was the work of one programmer Linus Torvalds, not the committee approach favored by Msoft and  most other software shops. In the ensuing 15+ years, the trajectory of software development has changed dramatically. Open source software, a lot of which is cross platform, is now supported by the large commercial ASPs like Adobe.

So What?

A single company’s vision is limited in part by business objectives and its resources. On the other hand, programmers and developers world wide seek solutions to business and development issues in the context of their needs and our rapidly advancing technologies. At some point the best innovations coming from the grass roots of the Open Source Movement migrate to the mainstream.

At the same time application software from Microsoft (Office 365) and Adobe (Creative Cloud) have become available via affordable subscriptions. Cloud based storage for documents and data via Dropbox and Google Docs is now commonplace making content accessible from almost anywhere on an ever increasing types of devices.

In the last few years Web development tools seemed plateau while HTML5 came together. Now we seem to be racing ahead to the Web 3.0 which I recently suggested is Mobile. As a proof of concept, I am now building a mobile friendly site using jQuery Mobile with Dreamweaver CS6 as my engine and Word Press as the platform.

A little research on the Word Press side led me to a an article about building a mobile friendly WP theme. One level deeper and I have found new code for a HTML5 based WP blank theme. Since the jQuery Mobile Themeroller site has a Adobe Kuler based tool for creating nicely styled jQuery themes, I now have all the tools needed to produce the mobile friendly site running inside DW and living on the ubiquitous WP platform. My only out of pocket costs for all of these development assets are my dedicated Win server hosting @ Godaddy and my Adobe Creative Cloud membership. Without Linus and the Open Source movement Linux stimulated none of these tools would be in the public domain. Imagine what Msoft or any major player would want to charge for these assets if they were all proprietary?

Additional posts with links and images will detail my progress into this new era. Again I say Web 3.0 is mobile so developers need to get going before the train leaves the station.


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